Habla Conmigo kids, educators, and parents, playing and blowing bubbles.

Program Overview

Habla Conmigo Academy is an innovative parenting program designed to engage and support Spanish-speaking families with young children. When Latino parents feel supported by mentors knowledgeable about child development and by other families in their community facing similar challenges, their confidence and skills in interacting with their children are strengthened. By gaining knowledge of child development and by learning new play activities and supportive routines that are developmentally enriching, parents deepen their emotional bonds with their children while helping them develop early language proficiency and important life skills.


Parents, educators, and children attend the Habla Conmigo workshop

Developing strong language and communication skills starting early in infancy builds the foundation for successful learning across many domains.

The 8-12-week Habla Conmigo program helps parents support their children's learning through language, nurturing early cognitive and socio-emotional development and skills for later life.

Learning Through Language

Educator is delivering a workshop on la salud with four parents

Parent Workshops

Each week parents get together   with other parents to discuss the challenges they face in helping   their children to grow and to learn. The Habla Conmigo facilitator shares insights from new scientific studies showing how everyday interactions at home are critical in nurturing children's early development. Each workshop explores themes relevant to Learning through Language.

Cerebritos ("Little Brains")

On a second morning each week, parents and children come together for a guided play session to learn and practice new activities related to the workshop themes. 

In the Cerebritos play sessions, parents also receive coaching on effective ways of engaging with their children, translating insights from the workshops into enjoyable interactions.

two girls are playing with colorful toys


Diagram outlines the Cerebritos topics (Creativity, Knowledge, Fine Motor Skills, Preception, and imagination)


Fine motor skills




All past and present participants in Habla Conmigo Academy can join the Comunidad Habla Conmigo. This social network enables families to connect with and support one another, while they are participating in workshops and also over the year between the Level 1 and Level 2 workshops. Comunidad members organize regular reunions and family activities at local libraries, farms, and children's museums, as well as information sessions about learning opportunities and resources through community organizations.

Parents and children playing together with toys