The Habla Conmigo Academy builds on foundational research on early child development at Stanford University, where Dr. Anne Fernald and her team have conducted pioneering studies on language learning by Latino children from low-income Spanish-speaking families. These and other studies show that caregivers’ interactions with young children, starting in infancy, have a powerful impact on the development of language, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills that are critical in enabling their children to reach their full potential.

Child and caregiver reading a book

History of Habla Conmigo Academy 

Developed in Spanish with a strong focus on Latino cultural values, Habla Conmigo (version 1.0) began in 2012 as an 8-week program for Spanish-speaking parents of toddlers, in collaboration with Grail Family Services in San Jose.  


In 2015, the program was revised and expanded from 8 to 24 sessions, with First 5 Santa Clara County as our new community partner.  Habla Conmigo Academy (version 2.0) includes 12 weekly workshop sessions with parents, plus 12 weekly practice sessions with parents and children, called Cerebritos ("Little Brains").  Habla Conmigo Academy (2.0) is a 3-level program in which parents can continue to learn with their children at the ages of 1, 2, and 3 years.

Parents showing child a card with an elephant

Our Strategies

The Habla Conmigo Academy brings Latino families with young children together to share the challenges they face as immigrant parents and to gain new knowledge, skills, and confidence to nurture their children’s potential for learning.  

By joining the Comunidad Habla Conmigo, an active social network of past and present participants in the Habla Conmigo Academy programs, parents continue to meet regularly to learn and to support one another in raising successful children in a new country.

   Parents with children of the same age (1-,2-,or 3-year-olds) participate in 12-week programs of workshops and coaching sessions that are developmentally specific, culturally focused, and scientifically informed, to learn about the critical importance of nurturing

interactions with caregivers in supporting brain growth and child development.


What I have liked the most about the Habla Conmigo Academy has been learning new things and to learn what is happening in children's brain and how we can help them develop better.

I have learned a lot of new things that I've been able to put into practice with my daughter. The change I've see in my daughter since coming here has been tremendous. We now pay more attention to her and she has learned to communicate a little bit. When we started she didn't talk at all, but since we talk so much to her now, she also tries to talk to us.

What has helped me, has been to practice what I have learned here. For example: to pay attention to my daughter's emotions. If she is sad, to ask her: Are you sad? or Are you happy? or Are you upset? . Thanks to this program I have learn how to better help my daughter.

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