Benefits for families

Weekly workshops benefit

both parents and children!

After participating in our program, you and your family will be able to:

  • form a closer relationship with your child;

  • socialize with other families and learn together about topics related to early learning through conversations led by an expert; 

  • contribute to the brain development of your child; 

  • explore activities that stimulate your child's learning;

  • strengthen your skills as a parent - and more!

Caregivers and children playing

What is Habla Conmigo Academy?

Educare Center San José

1399 Santee Dr.

San José, CA 95122

Our programs have been offered at: 


Inspired by research on early language development by Dr. Anne Fernald from Stanford University, the Habla Conmigo Academy is an innovative program for parents that was created to put scientific discoveries into action.

Habla Conmigo Academy is a free parenting program for Latino families with children from 15 to 22 months of age, as well as for older children 30-36 months of age.

During 10 or 12 weeks, this program helps families understand their own strengths and values as parents, while at the same time preparing them with the tools and skills which benefit their child and help them to be successful in school and later in life.

Through conversations that are culturally relevant to the Latino community, guided by a facilitator, families get together 2 times per week to attend open-ended workshops with other parents and then play sessions with their child. These play sessions are designed to be able to allow parents to apply the new tools that they learned during the program during fun activities with their child.

Adelante Family Resource Center

290 Ioof Ave

Gilroy, CA 95020

East San Jose Carnegie Branch Library

1102 East Santa Clara St

San José, CA 95116

César Chávez Family Resource Center

2000 Kammerer Avenue

San José, CA 95116

Biblioteca Latinoamericana Branch Library

921 S First St
San Jose, CA 95110

Contact Form

If you are interested in learning more about Habla Conmigo Academy, and: 

  • you have a child younger than 22 months of age, 

  • you are from a Latino background,

  • and you are able to attend workshops twice per week for 10-12 weeks


**Our programs are for children 15-22 months of age.  If you have a child younger than that age, we will contact you when your child is the right age for our program.